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Estate planning can have many benefits for you and your family. At J R Phillips & Associates, PC, our estate planning lawyers focus our practice on estate planning and related matters. Contact us today at (303) 741-2400 and speak with our team to help you find the best estate planning solutions for you and your loved ones.

Why Choose A Estate Planning Lawyer From J R Phillips & Associates, PC?

  • Founding attorney of our estate planning law firm, John R. Phillips is a Certified Financial Planner, as well as an adjunct professor at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.
  • We have more than two decades of experience handling all matters of estate law for our clients.
  • Our estate planning attorneys are skilled in using a variety of traditional and innovative approaches to tailor unique solutions to meet your Colorado estate planning objectives and needs.

Estate Planning Resources & FAQs

What Is Estate Planning and Why Is It Important for Colorado Residents?

Like nearly everyone else, you have an estate. Generally, it is everything you own. This specifically includes your home, cars, checking and savings accounts, life insurance, investments, furniture, appliances, and personal possessions. The next step in estate planning is making a plan in advance to control who receives the things you own after you die. However, good estate planning can do much more than that.

Who Needs Estate Planning Services?

Everyone can benefit in some way from professional estate planning services. From age 18 and on, having an estate plan can ensure the protection of your hard-earned assets. It can also make sure that your estate and other needs – including medical directives if you are incapacitated – will be carried out as you desire should anything happen to you. A lawyer can provide many different levels of service, from basic estate planning to sophisticated plans, based on your unique needs.

What Does Estate Planning Include?

An estate plan has the power to protect your finances, family and the future in many regards. Every estate plan should minimally include three basic documents:

  • Will or trust: Either document spells out who should receive your property, how they should receive it, and who will be the guardians of your children if they are minors.
  • Powers of attorney: These are a key component of your estate plan. They allow you to designate a person you trust to make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf in case you should become incapacitated.
  • Living will: Also known as an advance medical directive, this document allows you to tell medical providers and family members what type of treatment you want to receive if you are ever in a terminal, vegetative condition and unable to communicate for yourself.

The specific documents and directives that your estate plan in Denver will include depend on your specific needs and goals.

What is the Process of Estate Planning?

As life passes by, you will most likely attain some level of wealth, assets, family property, etc. When the unfortunate time of death comes, what will happen to all of your things? This is where estate planning comes in. Working with our estate planning Lawyer at J R Phillips & Associates, PC can help you create a well-crafted plan that lists out all your estate planning essentials, and will carry out your wishes. The process of estate planning usually is as follows:

  1. Compile a list of your assets, debts, account numbers
  2. Develop a plan that can be carried out without having to involve the courts
  3. Provide and protect children and dependents for their current and future needs
  4. Creating a strategy to protect your assets
  5. Document your wishes in full detail; listing who and what will receive your personal and financial goals
  6. Appoint a fiduciary to carry out your estate plan

The estate planning process looks a little different for everyone based on their individual circumstances. Talk to an estate planning attorney to get full details of what your Colorado estate planning process could be like.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Estate Planning

Clients rely on J R Phillips & Associates, PC, for their estate planning needs because we are experienced professionals who understand all aspects of estates, trusts, businesses, tax planning and more. Our attorneys have represented individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, families and others in Colorado and the surrounding area in estate planning services. When you trust us with your estate plan, you will benefit from sophisticated legal strategies, in-depth knowledge of this area of law and extensive hands-on experience.

We are a full-service estate planning law firm. This means that you will not need to go anywhere else for your estate plan. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to seamlessly assist you with every aspect of your plan, from prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to tax disputes with the IRS. J R Phillips & Associates, PC, offers a comprehensive approach to estate planning that makes an otherwise complex area of law simple and rewarding for you and your family.

Why You Must Keep Your Estate Planning Up-To-Date in Colorado?

Estate planning documents are essential documents. These documents ensure your estate is managed and given to the beneficiaries. Sometimes outdated estate planning forms can be an issue. For example, if a big life event happens such as a separation or a divorce, the birth of a child, selling estate property etc., then these events may affect a current estate plan. With this in mind, our estate planning attorneys in Denver recommend taking a look at your estate plan for modifications every 3 to 5 years.

Why You Need an Estate Planning Attorney in Colorado?

A good estate plan can help minimize taxes, court costs, and legal fees in your plan. It can provide for family members with special needs without disqualifying them for government benefits. It may also include life insurance to provide for your family after your death and short and long-term disability insurance to help replace your income if you become disabled temporarily or provide long-term care should you need it.

An experienced estate planning attorney and Colorado can help you create the perfect estate plan for you and your family. Your attorney can handle confusing estate planning paperwork on your behalf, come up with solutions to your unique needs based on a wealth of estate planning knowledge and give you supreme peace of mind about what will happen to your assets, wealth, business and family after you pass on. Your lawyer can do all of this while keeping the legal process as simple and cost-effective as possible.

Our Estate Planning Services in Centennial, Colorado

At J R Phillips & Associates, PC, we have years of experience helping clients with estate plans and related legal services. We take pride in our ability to tackle any challenges that may arise while planning out a client’s estate. We use smart legal strategies and creative solutions to achieve our clients’ goals and get through the process efficiently. Our estate planning attorneys in Centennial offer a broad scope of services. This is to cover any needs that may arise during your estate planning process. This includes: 

  • General estate planning
  • Wealth preservation and asset protection
  • Drafting estate planning documents 
  • Business succession planning
  • Powers of attorney 
  • Living wills
  • Burial instructions
  • Advanced health care directives
  • Medicaid and disability planning
  • Creating assisted living plans
  • Wealth and asset transfers
  • Tax considerations and planning
  • Creating revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Creating life insurance trusts
  • Gift and inheritance planning 
  • Charitable giving 
  • Guardianship or conservatorship 
  • Trust and estate litigation 
  • Estate and trust administration 
  • Probate court representation

We have virtually everything that you need for a comprehensive estate plan that you will feel 100 percent confident in as you look toward the future. We will work closely with you to identify your goals and concerns for your estate plan. Then, we will give you tailored legal advice and the services that suit your needs. We offer customized and flexible estate planning in Colorado to ensure that every little detail is addressed, accounted for and mapped out in your legal documents.

What Are the Benefits of Estate Planning for Colorado Residents?

Proper estate planning can give you peace of mind. It can help you:

  • Provide for your family in case anything should happen to you
  • Pick who will be the guardian of your children if you and spouse are killed at the same time
  • Save thousands of dollars in probate court costs and legal fees
  • Avoid delays in transferring money and property that could cause financial strain for your family
  • You may be able to reduce the amount of your estate that must be paid out in taxes
  • Save your family from having to make difficult decisions

You can make sure that your estate plan is complete, valid and contains all of your desired elements by working with an attorney at J R Phillips & Associates, PC.

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